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Sample Profiles

Some advisors try to be all things to all people.  We would rather be all things to some people, and those people are business owners and individuals facing a life transition.  Both have needs that perfectly fit our areas of expertise now and as their lives unfold.  If you are a business owner or an individual facing a life transition, we are best suited to serve you and would be honored to do so.   

Here are a few sample profiles:

Business Owners

  • A local family-owned auto dealer operating since 1897 with sales over 800M
  • A working woman in her mid-50’s, recently widowed needing guidance for selling her husband’s business interest in two companies.
  • A successful real estate investor facing a business transition in need of tax planning
  • A female entrepreneur needing cash-flow planning as well as guidance and feedback regarding business decisions while in hyper-growth mode.
  • An owner of an engineering firm in Central Ohio with more than 400 employees needing guidance regarding risk mitigation, estate planning, and investment management.


Individuals Facing a Life Transition

  • A retired couple who wanted to involve their children in philanthropic planning and ensure it was multi-generational.
  • A married couple who have been avid savers and wanted to retire by their mid-50’s and can’t risk any mistakes.
  • A homemaker in her 40’s facing an unexpected divorce in need of help deciding which assets to retain in the estate division.
  • A young couple that recently received a sizeable inheritance and wanted to shelter taxes, preserve assets, and build a legacy for their family