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Life Transitions

“Plan for the known. Prepare for the unknown"

Whether you saw it coming or find yourself caught off-guard, life will throw some pretty big stuff at you. Our team deals with these events on a regular basis, so we can help you understand the unknowns that can cause anxiety for you and your family. We give you context to understand your choices and the facts to help you make wise financial decisions.

From the 1960’s through 90’s, scientists developed and refined the Social Readjustment Scale, a method of rating how stressful people feel during various life events. Can you relate?

For a printable version of the chart below, click here.

Most people find these events to be:

  • Confusing and complex – full of unknowns
  • High-stakes – They could greatly impact your future
  • High-pressure – you may only get one chance at your decision.

When making decisions under stress, you may reach conclusions you’d be unlikely to choose under calmer circumstances, which can lead to regret. Suddenly, you’re less able to assimilate information and solve problems, so making levelheaded decisions becomes more difficult.

That’s where we come in. Here is what you can expect from the True Wealth Client Experience