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Updates from Your HPW Team

| August 27, 2020
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Summer is coming to a close! We've been having lots of fun despite the virus! Here are a few updates from our team...


Jim is excited to announce that he and Kerry are expecting a baby girl in late October! Parker, age three, is looking forward to becoming a big brother and has already made a list of toys that the baby will need (many of which sound suspiciously like toys a three-year old would want but it’s the thought that counts, right?).

Outside of the office, Jim is finding some time to play tennis, enjoying the family’s backyard “pool” and watching Parker play soccer for the first time



I think we can all agree that it has been quite a year already!   I am thankful my boys are young enough to not fully comprehend what is going on in our world right now.   They’ve definitely noticed that they don’t see their friends as often, but they have adapted pretty quickly to their new routine which includes LOTS of walks, bike rides, and exploring. 

 In June, we decided to have a staycation. We rented a jeep, wave-runner, and paddle-boards to try to make the most of summer.  It was a great time and a much-needed break from the normal day-to-day.  While this has been a challenging year in many ways, I am thankful for the opportunity for all of us to slow down and enjoy stillness for a while.   



My family like yours are finding new and different ways to stay connected with one another during this upside down/inside out world we find ourselves in.  We have all become proficient with zoom, face masks, and measuring a 6-foot distance.  I hope all of you are safe and finding ways to cope.

Outside of work, I spent a week in Seattle visiting relatives in February, just before the quarantining started.  I’ve also continued to pursue my love of photography with frequent trips to various Metroparks around Columbus.  Here’s a couple of pictures I hope you might enjoy!



We just recently welcomed another rescue puppy into our home! She a little 2 lb yorkie and it was love at first sight. That makes 3 puppies in our home, so we are keeping busy. I also just bought my first home. That means lots of renovations going on! While everything at home is busy, we love the weather being warmer so we can get out and about with those pups and go for walks, baseball games for my nephew, and going to see my family!



Just like everyone else, the Ramsey household has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a Dentist, my wife was suddenly unemployed, and school was cancelled for the rest of the year for our son.  I was lucky to be able to work from home.  Thankfully, we had a ready stash of highly valuable items, i.e., masks, paper towels, toilet paper, and White Claw seltzers!  We didn’t have to rush to the stores and deal with hoarders.


  In the first week of March, we were very fortunate our vacation to Manzanillo, Mexico wasn’t cancelled as the pandemic was just getting started.  We were able to travel back home without any delay, and none of us got sick.  I hope all of you reading this are doing well, and staying safe!


Dominic has recently graduated college and has been enjoying the work life. He has been reflecting on his great time at Ohio University and the friendships made throughout the time spent there. Dominic has been blessed to be a part of different organizations like Variant Magazine, Financial Management Association, and the CFP curriculum, where he gets the chance to show creativity and ambition.


With some extra time on his hands during quarantine, Thomas enjoyed some DIY projects that were eventually gifted to his parents back at home. They included a Little Free Library for the front lawn, a water fountain for the back porch and a bird feeder in the backyard. He’s also been busy with extra classes in order to graduate earlier. With trips to New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New Orleans on hold for the moment, here’s a picture from a recent trip to the enormous Luray Caverns in Virginia.


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