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Updates from Your HPW Team

| April 20, 2017
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Hyre Personal Wealth Advisors Team:  We recently held our 5th annual community shred and donation day to support the Upper Arlington High School PTO.   We are proud to say that we collected 16,125 pounds of shredding material, 3,806 pounds of e-waste, an overflowing van full of canned goods for Heart to Heart Food Pantry, over 30 bags full of gently used clothing for New Life Clothing, several household items for Habitat for Humanity Restore, and over $2300 in generous donations for UAHS PTO. 

Jim:  Jim has been enjoying fatherhood. Watching little Parker grow has been so much fun and it’s hard to believe that he will be six months old on May 16th! Seems like just yesterday Parker came home from the hospital and now he’s almost sitting up on his own and holding his own bottle. Part of “Daddy Duty” is nightly bath time and Jim is happy to say that Parker loves playing in the water – which is perfect since Parker is going on his first plane ride to Florida and has a brand new float to try out at the pool!

Angie:   Angie is expecting her second baby in October!   It's another boy, so she is preparing for a bit of a crazy household, but she is very excited nonetheless.  Angie has been taking advantage of her one-on-one time with Eli before the new baby comes along.  Easter was a hit!  Eli enjoyed hunting for eggs and opening them to discover the prizes inside.  She and Todd have also been taking Eli for lots of bike rides now that the weather is nice. 

Doug:  Spring is here and that means Spring Break for Hayden.  He’s in the 6th grade in the Bexley School District and is looking forward to 7th.  He gets to change school and move down to the big campus at Cassingham.  Doug and his family headed down to Kentucky to visit Fort Knox and Mammoth Caves.  They first went to the Patton Museum where they got to see and touch a variety of tanks and learn about leadership from Patton’s perspective -what a remarkable man.  His lessons are being taught in military academies today.

Then they were off to Mammoth Caves, the longest continuous cave system in the world at over 400 miles.  They fully expect that someday soon they will expand to 1000 miles of connected cave systems.  They only had time for 1 tour and it was about 2 hours long and not too strenuous.  The guides were so knowledgeable about the history of the area and how Native Americans explored the caves hundreds of years ago.  The pictures are a little dark and they weren’t allowed to use flash photography.  If you haven’t visited in a while, take your grandkids and go again.  The tours have evolved to include newly discovered areas and short cuts to previously unaccessible points of interest.  Pro-tip, make sure you get a reservation well before you drive down there, these tours sell-out and that would be a long drive back.

Last update for Doug is AIDS Walk 2017.  He volunteers with Equitas Health, a non-profit health organization that serves the LGBTQ community.  They provide free HIV, and STI testing as well as being a primary care facility.  He was walking with The Voice, a group who provides AIDS education, testing and awareness to the those most affected by HIV.  A fun diverse group of individuals from all walks of life.

Kelly: Kelly has a new driver in her house!  Her daughter, Cailyn, got her driver’s license in March.  Kelly and her husband, Matt, are enjoying their daughter’s new found freedom.

(Cailyn is on the left and her other daughter, Emily, is on the right)

Phil:  The first quarter of 2017 has come and gone and Spring has Sprung! Whenever a new year rolls around Phil finds himself somewhat reflective while at the same time excited for new opportunities! This was especially true as we entered into 2017 – because, 2017 is the year that Phil reached another milestone in his life! This February he turned 60. Now, he's not one who fears such milestones, but had to admit, it did cause him to take a deeper assessment of himself and his life goals. It also filled him with excitement as he contemplated all of the things he still wishes to accomplish in his life, both professionally and personally. At the end of the day, turning 60 was really just another birthday!

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