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Living a Purposeful Life

| February 24, 2021
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Planning for a major change in your life, such as retirement, requires a
considerable amount of thought and planning. Up to this point in your life you have
been contributing most of your energy, thoughts and resources to your chosen career.
Your family has also played a big role in your day.

There are two important days in your life that should be given ample attention:
the day you retire and the day you decide how you wish to spend the rest of your life!
For many of our clients, the decision to change lifestyle from work focused to life
focused is one that requires a tremendous amount of study. Can you play golf every
day? Can you chill by the pool? How about simply sleeping in bed until noon?

Odds are that you are someone who needs a little more structure and the
satisfaction that you are contributing to your community. Below are five strategies to
help you continue to grow intellectually, spiritually and financially during retirement.

1. Continue or start reading books. Many of the great minds of modern times
attribute their knowledge, and continued growth past their active careers, to
reading good books. The library has a great program for a cheap price –
FREE! Yes, you can read some of the great classics by completing a library
card application. What a great world we live in!

2. Join a civic group. People are meant to be active and provide charity to
those who are less fortunate. Many communities have wonderful civic groups
to help those in need. I am partial to associations that help children. Helping
others can help you become a better person; and it takes the focus off of

3. Attend the church or synagogue of your choice. Active participation and
consistent attendance in spiritual worship can create a more fulfilling life.
Many of our clients attend church regularly. They feel they are more peaceful
and tranquil.

4. Become a mentor to younger professionals. Consider serving as a mentor
to younger professionals in your career field. Your years of experience could
help the younger generation of leaders make better decisions. “Just because
you are not working for pay, doesn’t mean you quit working.”

5. Keep a journal of your activities. Take time to record life’s highs and lows
in a journal. This activity gives your mind the opportunity to think clearly
about challenges and develop solutions. Perhaps you could start a journal to
leave your wise words to your family that will help them in times of need. This
is a private book that you write in any manner you choose.

The key to living a successful life is to live it on your own terms. Define clearly
what makes you happy. How can you help others find happiness? Don’t think of
retirement as the end of a career, think of it as the start of another chapter in life.

One of my favorite roles is to help pre-retirees find their goals in the next phase
of their life. If you truly want to live life to its fullest, it doesn’t simply take money. You
are the secret ingredient! Go out today and change someone else’s life for the better.
The one that receives the most benefit may just be you.

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