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Finance Book Recommendations

| December 06, 2021
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Finance Book Recommendations

With the holidays coming up, what better stocking stuffer than a book that could change your life by
teaching you and your family how to manage their money for a successful future. Here are some good
books for all the different people in your life:

1. “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko
This book is great option for anyone in your life but will especially help those just starting to
establish themselves. I’m sure tons of celebrities, politicians, and business executives come to
mind when you think of millionaires, but this book discusses the people you don’t think of off
the top of your head, maybe even the person living right next door.

This book teaches readers how to change their mindset and habits surrounding money to grow
and maintain their wealth. You don’t have to be the next Jeff Bezos to become a millionaire, it is
all about living frugally, budgeting, and investing. Stanley and Danko identify the recurring traits
that appear with those who have accumulated wealth, supporting them with interesting
anecdotes and important, easy to follow data.

Becoming a millionaire is within reach for many people but it takes careful planning and an
intentional mindset. This book will certainly give you the concepts, skills, and knowledge you
need to attain it.

2. “Raising Financially Fit Kids” by Joline Godfrey
One of the best gifts you can give your kids is the knowledge and skills to create a successful
financial future. This book is a great option for any parents in your life to give them the tools to
teach their kids how to be money savvy.

In school today most kids are not taught about the world of finances, therefore it us up to
parents to teach their kids what they need to know. Godfrey carefully provides advice on how to
teach children about money and how to progress the knowledge as they grow up. The advice is
very flexible so it can be adjusted for all different types of families and children.

I think Jack Polsky described what you will gain from this book best when he wrote, “Whether
your own family is of sizable wealth or modest means, Raising Financially Fit Kids will provide all
parents with a set of easy-to-understand tools to assist them in raising children to become
savvy, self-confident, financially independent adults who have mastered a solid set of social and
financial skills and values”.

3. “The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money: Thirteen Ways to Right Your Financial
Wrongs” by Jill Schlesinger
This is another great book for almost anyone in your life! We are all smart people so why do we
make dumb mistakes with our money? There are so many factors that may play into poor
decision making like emotions, expectations, or bad advice you have heard in the past.

In the book, Schlesinger reveals thirteen costly mistakes readers may be making with their
money supplemented with her own personal stories showing that truly, we all make these

“The Dumb Things Smart People do With Money” is the key to determining where you are going
wrong in your decision making and equips you with rules and advice for how to correct your
mistakes and clean up your financial situation.

Raymond James is not affiliated with and does not endorse the opinions or services of any of the
authors or books mentioned.

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