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Executive Assistant Part-time Position

| August 17, 2017
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Executive Assistant Part-time Position...

Hyre Personal Wealth Advisors is a company that’s culture is defined by the character of its team members. As a result, each team member must possess an unyielding desire to exceed client expectations. We serve our clients the way we want to be served. Being entrusted with our clients’ life savings means that every work day activity and interaction must be highly ethical, professional, and focused. This means that your daily activities are to be completed correctly and efficiently the first time.

The Executive Assistant position is a significant role within our company and plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the office. With overall responsibility for day-to-day operations, the Executive Assistant must be able to work effectively with other team members, clients, and the Wealth Advisor(s).

This is a part-time position with two optional schedules:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:30am-2:30pm

Job Type: Part-Time

Wage: $15/hr

Role: The role of The Executive Assistant can be broken down into the following 3 categories:

  • Client Relations:**
  • Get to know clients on a personal level.
  • Look for opportunities to surprise and delight
  • Plan and organize client events
  • Marketing
  • Proactively address client questions/concerns
  • Continue to enhance relationships with existing clients, prospects, and partners
  • Greet and welcome clients into the office
  • Assistant:**
  • Master the calendar
  • Anticipate needs – see in advance what the executive needs and plan accordingly
  • Confirming appointments
  • Prepare documents for client meetings
  • Protect executive’s time
  • Know what the executive likes/dislikes.
  • Know where he is and where he needs to be.
  • Office**
  • Answer incoming calls and field questions
  • Create and follow systems and processes
  • Contribute to ensurecompany goals move forward and are met
  • Opening accounts
  • Required experience:
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Oversee compliance files/processes
  • Prepare paperwork, invoices, and mailings
  • Oversee office operations ensuring office runs smoothly and efficiently
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